Install Apache Tomcat using Eclipse IDE

In this tutorial, we will Install Apache Tomcat using Eclipse IDE. Apache Tomcat is one of the most popular open-source application servers. Tomcat server implements Java Servlet, Java Server Pages(JSP), and other java specifications.




Install Server Runtime

Launch Eclipse IDE.

Click on the Servers tab in the Eclipse IDE.

Click on the link No servers are available. Click this link to create a new server…

Servers Tab Eclipse


In Define a New Server screen, Select the Tomcat server and click on the Next> button.


Define a New Server


Click on the Download and Install button to download the Tomcat server.

Accept the Tomcat License agreement. Choose an installation directory for the server runtime.

Click on the Next> button or the Finish button.


Tomcat Server Runtime Install

Start the Server

Tomcat server will be added to the Servers tab.

To start the server, right-click and select the Start option.

Allow access to all the Firewall alerts.

Firewall Apache Tomcat Alert


On a successful server start, we can see the Started message to the server entry in the Servers tab.


Tomcat 8 Started