Java Tutorial

Java is object-oriented, distributed, secure,multi-threaded, and portable programming language. Java is a platform-independent write once run anywhere. Java bytecode can run on any machine.



Overview In this post, we will discuss the Java platform overview for testers. Often, novice testers get confused about the keywords of the Java Platform. Here, we will attempt to clear the confusion with a pictorial view of JDK, JRE, and the JVM. First of all, the components of the ...
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Introduction In this post, we will go through steps involved to download and install Java JDK. First of all, you can download the self-installing exe from the official website. ( ) If you save the self-installing executable file to disk without running it from the download page at the ...
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Java Hello World
Introduction This post shows you how to create the first java example program "Hello World". After this post, you will be able to create a Java project and a Java class that will print "Hello world!" in the console when run. So, let's get started! Create a new Java project ...
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Structure of Java Program This article explains the basic java program structure in detail. The key components of a Java automation program that defines its structure are as below:
  • Javadoc comment.
  • Package declaration.
  • Import statements.
  • Class declaration.
  • Program code.
Javadoc comment A Javadoc comment starts with a single ...
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Introduction In this post, we will learn about accessor and mutator methods in Java. These methods are used to retrieve and change the private variables of a class.

Product class Let's take Product class as an example and generate methods for the class. public class Product { private String name; ...
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Introduction An integrated development environment (IDE) is an application tool for coding, compiling, and running Java programs. Deciding on which Java IDE would best suit you, depends on several factors like intent of use, skills, features of the tool, role in the company etc. Let's see some of the top ...
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