Selenium IDE for Chrome browser


In this article, we will learn steps to download Selenium IDE for the Chrome browser. Selenium IDE extension allows you to quickly record your interactions with the application( web application) under test.

Environment: Google Chrome Browser



Launch the Chrome browser.

Navigate to the following path:

To learn more about Selenium IDE and how to use it visit the above link.

Steps to install

Click the button Chrome Download.


Click on Add to Chrome button

To install the plugin click >> Add Extension



Quick verification:

Make sure the IDE is installed and enabled, type the following into your address bar and hit Enter.



Click on the Se icon from the menu bar in your browser to launch the IDE.

The welcome screen has links to get started with the IDE.


Record a new test in a new project

Open an existing project

Create a new project

Close Selenium IDE for Chrome



To start recording tests using the IDE, you need to create a project.

Click on the link Record a new test in a new project.

Provide a name for your new project; For example Sample project.

Note that: You can also change the name of your project at later point of time.


Before you can start recording, you have to specify a valid base URL for your application.

Your test will start by navigating to this base URL.

Click on the Start recording button to record the test or your web interaction.

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