Create a New Project in IntelliJ IDE

In this post, we will learn how to create a brand new project in IntelliJ IDE to work on Windows 10 platform. Steps involved in creating a new project are listed below.

Launch IDE

To create a new project launch the IntelliJ IDE. Click on the desktop IntelliJ icon or the icon in the Taskbar.

Create a New Project

Click on the + Create New Project.



New Project Screen

In the New Project Screen, you can either create an Empty project or a specific project type.

Choose the Language and the Project SDK.

For Example, Java and the JDK 12.

Once done with the project configuration, click on the Next> button.



Click on the Next> button.

Project Configuration

You can specify parameters like Project name, location, and the base package on this screen.

  • Project name
  • Project Location
  • Base Package


Click on the Finish button to create the Project.

Project Window