Sequential program control in Flowcharts



In this post, we will learn sequential program control in flowcharts. The sequential flow chart in the easiest and the most basic flowchart control. Each statement is executed one after the other in sequence.

Sequential program control

When you are designing a flowchart, you must determine what statements are needed
and the order in which those statements must be executed.

Things you need to decide on when designing a flow chart to execute a set of statements in

Which statements are needed?
What is the order of those statements?

Statements placed first will be executed first. Every statement placed after
automatically executes in the sequence. Sequential control is default and you don’t
have to specify raptor to execute the next statement in the order.

Let’s see with an example.


Launch the Raptor flowchart tool.
Drag and drop the output symbol to the main tab design work-space area.
Save the flowchart.



Decide the order of the statements.
Add the statements in the order.

Stmt A -> Stmt B -> Stmt C -> Stmt D

Execute the flow chart.

Flowchart Output

View flow chart output.



We can see in the output that, the order of the statements executed is the same order as in the flow chart.

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