Building a Maven project using Jenkins

In this post, we will create a Maven project using Eclipse and build the project using Jenkins. Let’s first create a Maven project in Eclipse.

To create the project

File >> New >> Project >> Maven Project

Click on Next button

Select an archetype for the project.Lets select simple quickstart archetype.

For example: maven-archetype-quickstart

Click on Next button.

In the next screen define properties for your project.

Define property groupId: com.triangle

Define property artifactId: triangle-demo

Define property version: 1.0-SNAPSHOT

Hit the Finish button. Eclipse would create the project for you to work on. This step may take some time depending on your computer speed.

Create sample Java file and test code for the class.

Build the Maven Project

Go to Jenkins Dashboard -> New Item -> Choose name for the Maven Project for example TriangleExample

Select Maven project and click on the OK button.

In the configuration page , you can set and configure the build.

In the Build section of the page

Goals and options specify  clean compile test

Click on Adavanced… button to configure the workspace.

Check the option Resolve Dependencies during Pom parsing

In the Use custom workspace specify the project directory containing the pom.xml of the project.

Click on the Save button to save the changes made to the build.

You can build the job by clicking on the Build Now link in the project page.To modify the configuration settings, you can click on the Configure link.

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