Hello World in Raptor Object Oriented Mode


In this post, we will learn RAPTOR Object-oriented mode by creating a class and invoking it in the main flow chart. We will create a simple plain object called Messenger. It stores a string message and returns when invoked by a getter method. OO version of the RAPTOR flowchart uses NClass code.

NClass is a free UML class diagram tool. To know more about the tool, visit:


Steps for creating a class

Launch RAPTOR.

Switch to Object-oriented mode.


Raptor OO Mode


Go to the UML tab

In the UML tab, you can create a class.


UML Design Raptor


Create a class for example Messenger.

Right Click, New >> Class

New Class Raptor


Give the name of the class Messenger.


Add a new field called message.

Add a getter method getMessage()



Add a constructor for the class Messenger. This method is invoked when we create the object in the main flow chart.


Main flowchart:

Design the main flow chart.

Create a variable that stores the message.

Create an object for the class Messenger.

Pass the variable to the constructor of the class.

Output the information from the object getter method.

Run and check the output of the flow chart.