Building First Flowchart: Hello World


The most basic program or the first flowchart to run is printing Hello World on the console. Let’s build a simple flowchart to print “Hello World” on the console using RAPTOR tool.


First Flowchart

To create a RAPTOR program, you drag flowchart symbols from the left side to the middle area of the screen. Drag an output symbol to print Hello World.

To enter information into a symbol that you have dragged to the screen, double-click on it. A dialog box will open, which allows you to enter the information.

Double click on the output symbol and enter Hello World.



Save and Run the flow chart.

RAPTOR will prompt you to save your file as soon as you drag one symbol onto the Work area. Once you save the flowchart, you can run your flowchart.

Hooray! you have just build your first flow chart.

Next Steps

You can build another flow chart to add two numbers: here