Download and Install Raptor Portable


In this tutorial, we will learn the steps involved to download and install RAPTOR Portable flowchart tool.


Visit the RAPTOR official website.

Click on the Download button for the Portable version.

Raptor Portable

.NET Framework

RAPTOR flowchart tool depends on the .NET framework. Instructions to install standalone .NET framework :


Plugin a USB drive to the computer.

Double click on the Raptor Portable install exe.( RaptorPortable_4.0_Revision_6.paf.exe)

Choose the language of the installer.

The install wizard screen would launch. Click on the Next> button.

Raptor Portable Install Wizard

Choose Install Location. ( For example USB portable drive.)


Raptor Install location

Select the Run Raptor Portable option to run the RAPTOR tool.
Click the Finish button.

Raptor Portable Run