Raptor Flowchart Fundamentals


RAPTOR allows you to test run your flowchart to check whether the logic works correctly. In this post, we will learn some basics about Raptor flowchart fundamentals. This post is intended for absolute beginners learning Flowcharts and Raptor tool.

Raptor Windows:

When you launch Raptor, you see two main windows:

1. RAPTOR work area window.
2. MasterConsole window.

Flowchart Basics

The flow chart begins with Start action and ends with End
Input and output are shown in diagonal boxes.
Processing and assignment happen in rectangular boxes.
Loop logic goes into Decision and Loop structure


Raptor Flowchart Components



Raptor Components



Raptor Backups

RAPTOR makes backups of your flowcharts automatically. After you work on a flowchart you will notice backup files created under the hood. The RAPTOR file has the filename extension .rap.The backup files are named with the same name as your Flowchart but include an extra .backup0 etc.